i went to the baseball hall of fame today.

it was pretty much amazing. agkldsf.

It started off with some film thing that was pretty good. i was mostly amazed because they had 2 mariners within the first two shots of the movie (ichiro/felix) so that made me really happy.

my family was sitting behind a group of people who were die-hard mets fans….the little boy was adorable, he high-fived his dad whenever a mets player went on the screen. he was SO CUTE.

some old guy who worked there came up to my family and asked what our team was, and when we told him the mariners, he gave us this totally blank look. then he rattled off a bunch of facts, all of which we actually knew…ichiro’s ten consecutive seasons of 200+ hits, 262 hits in one season by ichiro, 116 wins in one season, etc etc etc….and then he’s like, i’m a yankees fan, and i’m like……figures.

in the “baseball today” area, they have a locker for each of the teams. the mariners one was nice…except for a GIANT PICTURE OF CHONE FIGGINS. i was more than pissed. i ranted for like 10 minutes about it until my mom finally told me to get over it. i’m not over it, but i’m shutting up for a while.

later i saw the award that dave niehaus got in 2008 and i got all emotional and shit. but really, it was super tough for me when he died. mostly because he died on my 17th birthday. so know i’ll always think of my birthday as the day that dave niehaus died. :/

my dad and i bought a shitload of baseball cards while we were there. i mostly got mariners ones, of course. (they have a total bias towards the yankees/mets there though, which sort of makes sense, since they’re in new york, but still. it was hard to track down mariners stuff.) the 2011 ones made me LOL because they had rob johnson, milton bradley, josh wilson…..and no michael pineda. but whatever.

anyway. GO THERE if you like baseball and you haven’t. but you should at least wait till edgar’s there.

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